The Powers Company successful again in delivering substantial improvements at Mitsubishi subsidiary

Gainesville, Ga. November 22, 2016 – The Powers Company successfully completes a 40-week engagement with a large Mitsubishi subsidiary in Indiana.

“The Powers Company achieved a savings of $10.9MM exceeding our commitment of $9.5MM. Most of the operational improvement and P&L savings came from quality improvement,” comments Robert Villareal, Project Director with The Powers Company. “Everything gets better when quality increases: throughput goes up, morale goes up, productivity increases, customer delivery increases, planning, schedule percent attainment and absorption all go up.”

Craig Wall, Project Director, adds “our work to help the subsidiary implement a highly effective S&OP process created additional margin improvement – which we did not even add to our savings commitment. Complete alignment of the forecast to the daily and weekly plans now allow them to optimize filling their capacity with the highest margin products based on market conditions. Our client calls this piece of our partnership the ‘Golden Goose’ because of the financial gains.”

The Powers Company also improved maintenance effectiveness while positively reducing M&R cost through more effective asset performance.
Randall Powers states, “This has been one of our most successful endeavors to date. I am very proud of our team and their tenacity to transform this organization from good to really, really good. Maybe even great. Our clients are very proud of their team’s leadership, development and results.”

About The Powers Company
The Powers Company, headquartered in north Atlanta, works with manufacturing and service organizations across the country providing guaranteed operational performance through Leadership Training and Development, Cultural Performance Management, and Design and Implementation of Custom Management Operating Systems. By working shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients’ teams, The Powers Company leads in all areas of operational improvement including manufacturing, quality, engineering, project management, S&OP, inventory control, scheduling, new product development, procurement, logistics, sales, and customer service.

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