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Management Operating System


The Necessary Element to Ensure Perpetual and Successful Utilization of an Operating System is a Management Commitment to do so.

A Management Operating System is effective when it enables managers and supervisors to forecast, plan, execute, follow up, report, and evaluate their operation.  The system drives the right resource requirements and right expectations for performance.  It provides the tools to seek out, identify and eliminate operating problems in real time.  It drives the right communications within and between departments, avoiding communication breakdowns that cause inefficiencies.  

The system links P&L to the front-line performance metrics creating vertical accountability where each manager and supervisor understands their individual contribution to the financial results.    
Many Management Operating Systems are ineffective because:    

  • System elements are not related and linked to each other.
  • Information flow is not timely or is inaccurate.
  • System is not constructed to run the business at capacity.
  • System elements are missing key components.
  • System elements are created seperately from operations, creating ownership issues.
  • Elements are not easy to use and understand, causing poor compliance and a lack of control.
  • Elements do not drive the right management and supervisory behaviors.     

The Powers Company will assess the strengths, weaknesses and compliance of your current Management Operating System.  We will determine which elements are missing, which ones are insufficient due to poor design and which ones are ineffective due to poor compliance.  We will identify "on the floor" disconnects between the way the system was designed to work verses the reality of what is or is not happening in the business.  

We will tie the effectiveness of your system to the current operating problems negatively impacting your performance.  We will then facilitate with you the development and implementation of an effective Management Operating System that will substantially increase performance and create a culture of operational excellence. 




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